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Seasonal spring temperatures (Celsius) under current conditions (1950-2000)


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2010-09-30 06:26:49
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2010-12-03 03:32:48


WorldClim is a set of global climate layers (climate grids) with a spatial resolution of a square kilometer. They can be used for mapping and spatial modeling in a GIS or other computer programs. The data layers were generated through interpolation of average monthly climate data from weather stations. Variables included are monthly total precipitation, and monthly mean, minimum and maximum temperature, and 19 derived bioclimatic variables.


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Healy Hamilton

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Hijmans, R.J., S.E. Cameron, J.L. Parra, P.G. Jones and A. Jarvis, 2005. Very high resolution interpolated climate surfaces for global land areas. International Journal of Climatology 25: 1965-1978.
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