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Protected Areas - Central Region May 2010


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2011-04-15 10:37:45
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2011-05-11 20:39:31


Protected areas are cornerstones of national and international conservation strategies. By way of these designations, lands and waters are set-aside in-perpetuity to preserve functioning natural ecosystems, act as refuges for species, and maintain ecological processes. Complementary conservation strategies preserve land for the sustainable use of natural resources, or for the protection of significant geologic and cultural features or open space. PAD-US 1.1 (CBI Edition) attempts to include all available spatial data on these places. It is our goal to publish the most comprehensive geospatial data set of U. S. protected areas to date. PAD-US 1.1 (CBI Edition) is limited to the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii. It does not include [...]


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Conservation Biology Institute
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