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Percent change in vegetation carbon for years 2070-2099 versus 1961-1990 simulated using the MC1 model with MIROC medres climate projections under the A2 anthropogenic emission scenario at a half degree spatial grain over the globe.


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2011-06-09 07:29:08
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2011-06-13 07:25:17


This is aggregated results from a run of the MC1 model (MC1_GLOBAL version). The GCM data were downscaled to a half degree grid resolution using an anomaly approach. The baseline historical data was based on CRU TS 2.0 climate. For this map percent change was calculated as: (((Future-Historical)/Historical)*100) Where Future is the average value for 2070-2099 and Historical is the average value for 1961-1990. See related datasets:


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US Forest Service. PNW Research Station. <br /> <br />
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