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Change in the mean annual fraction of cell burned between 1971-2000 and 2070-2099, as simulated by MC1 under Hadley A2 for the Apache-Sitgreaves study area, Arizona, USA


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2012-02-22 11:48:32
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2012-02-28 10:15:39


This map represents the change between 1971-2000 and 2070-2099 in the mean annual fraction of each gridcell affected by fire, as simulated by the model MC1 under the Hadley future climate projection and A2 anthropogenic emissions scenario. Data values are calculated as PART_BURN(2070-2099) minus PART_BURN(1971-2000). PART_BURN data is from MC1 version B60. The average annual fraction of cell burned for the respective 30-year periods increased in some of the 5,311 grid cells of the Apache-Sitgreaves study area and decreased in others. The range of data values is from -0.077 to +0.163. The mean value is +0.031. The vegetation model MC1 (e.g. Bachelet et al. 2001) was used to simulate vegetation dynamics, associated carbon and nitrogen [...]


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