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Prioritized Terrestrial Portfolio: Ecoregional Conservation Assessment for the Coastal Forests and Mountains for British Columbia and Southeast Alaska


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2012-02-28 08:42:57
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2012-02-28 08:42:57


This work represents a joint effort between Round River Conservation Studies (RRCS), The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), The Nature Conservancy – Alaska (TNC), with assistance from the Coastal Information Team (CIT) Ecosystem Spatial Analysis Planning Team. This effort included a diverse group of researchers from non-governmental and government agencies and represents a collective of researchers and practitioners in the fields of conservation biology, ecology, zoology, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and land-use planning. We sought to develop science-based tools and to assemble regional data necessary to address these sorts of questions, through the development of a Conservation Area Design (CAD) for the region. Here [...]


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Pierre Iachetti

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Round River Conservation Studies<div>The Nature Conservancy of Alaska</div> <div>The Nature Conservancy of Canada</div>
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