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North Cascades Ecoregional Assessment: Terrestrial Conservation Areas by Relative Importance


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2012-02-28 10:56:57
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2012-02-28 11:34:53


Ecoregional assessments provide a regional scale, biodiversity-based context forimplementing conservation efforts. The intent of the assessments is to create a sharedvision for agencies and other organizations at the regional, state and local levels to formpartnerships and ensure efficient allocation of conservation resources. The assessments identify a portfolio of sites for conservation action with a goal of protecting representativebiodiversity and ecologically significant populations. These assessments are the result ofrigorous analysis, incorporating expert review, and are the most comprehensive and currentefforts that support spatially explicit priority setting at an ecoregional scale. Biodiversityconservation in the ecoregion [...]


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Pierre Iachetti

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Nature Conservancy of Canada&nbsp;<div>The nature Conservancy</div> <div>The Department of Fish and Wildlife</div> <div><br /></div>
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