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Predicted probability of marten year-round occurrence, 2076-2095, PCM1 A2, 10 km resolution


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2012-05-25 11:47:18
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2012-05-25 11:47:18


Future (2076-2095) predicted probability of marten year-round occurrence projected under the A2 emissions scenario with the PCM1 GCM (Washington et al. 2000; Meehl et al. 2003). The projected marten distribution was created with Maxent (Phillips et al. 2006) using marten detections (N = 302, spanning 1990 – 2011) and nine predictor variables: mean annual precipitation, mean summer (July – September) precipitation, mean summer temperature amplitude, mean annual temperature maximum, mean fraction of vegetation carbon burned, mean understory index, mean vegetation carbon (g C m2), modal vegetation class, and average maximum tree LAI. Predictor variables had a grid cell size of 10 km, vegetation variables were simulated with MC1 (Lenihan [...]


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