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Simulated forest carbon (g C m2), 2046-2065, Hadley CM3 A1fi, 10 km resolution


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2012-05-28 17:57:10
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2012-06-06 10:40:21


Simulated forest carbon (g C m2) averaged over 2046-2065 simulated by MC1 (Hayhoe et al. 2004) at a 10 km x 10 km grid cell size under Hadley CM3 (Gordon et al. 2000, Pope et al. 2000) climate projections with A1fi emission levels (Nakic’enovic’ et al. 2000). References: Gordon C., C. Cooper , C.A. Senior, H. Banks, J.M. Gregory, T.C. Johns , J.F.B. Mitchell, and R.A. Wood. 2000. The simulation of SST, sea ice extents and ocean heat transports in a version of the Hadley Centre coupled model without flux adjustments. Clim Dyn 16:147–168. Nakic’enovic’ N, Alcamo J, Davis G, de Vries B, Fenhann J, Gaffin S, Gregory K, Grubler A, Jung TY, Kram T et al. 2000. Intergovernmental panel on climate change special report on emissions scenarios. [...]


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James Lenihan, USFS PNW<br />
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