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Predicted probability of fisher year-round occurrence, 1986-2005, 800 m resolution


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2012-06-15 14:16:33
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2012-06-15 14:16:33


Predicted probability of fisher year-round occurrence created with Maxent (Phillips et al. 2006) using fisher detections (N = 302, spanning 1990 – 2011) and five predictor variables: mean annual precipitation, mean summer (July – September) precipitation, mean understory index (fraction of grass vegetation carbon in forest), mean forest carbon (g C m2), and mean fraction of vegetation carbon in forest. Predictor variables had a grid cell size of 800 m by 800 m, vegetation variables were simulated with MC1 dynamic global vegetation model (Bachelet et al. 2001) and historical climate variables were provided by the PRISM GROUP (Daly et al. 2008). This fisher distribution model has a 10-fold cross-validated AUC of 0.836 +/- 0.054 and [...]


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