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Desert Bighorn Sheep - Species Distribution Model, DRECP


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2013-06-03 18:00:00
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2013-12-17 17:48:46


The desert bighorn sheep mountain habitat data provided by  Diane Mastalir (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) is intended to identify historic, current, and potential core habitat for desert bighorn sheep in California (excluding the Peninsular bighorn sheep).This layer represents mountain habitat with a slope of 15% or greater. It was created using a NED 30 meter resolution DEM clipped to the study area. Slope of 15% or greater was extracted from the 30 meter DEM. A conditional evaluation was performed on the image giving the output cell a value of 1.This dataset was resampled from 30m to 270m resolution by Conservation Biology Institute and generalized using majority filter and boundary clean techniques. The four layers [...]


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Data source
California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, 2013; John Wehausen, Ph.D., University of California, White Mountain Research Station; Kathleen Knox, California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Bishop, CA
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