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RCP 4.5 GFDL-ESM2M 2071-2100 modal Vegetation Type, MC2


Original Data Basin Creation Date
2013-09-10 18:00:00
Original Data Basin Modified Date
2013-12-09 16:09:56


The dynamic vegetation model MC2 used a suite of climate futures from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5, downscaled using a fairly new statistical downscaling approach (Abatzoglou 2011), Multivariate Adaptive Constructed Analogs (MACA), over the western US. The vegetation model was run on the NASA Earth Exchange (NEX) platform at 4km resolution for 2 representative concentration pathways (RCPs) 8.5 and 4.5 (Moss et al. 2010, van Vuuren et. al 2011). Representative Concentration Pathway define a specific emissions trajectory and subsequent radiative forcing. Radiative forcing is a measure of the influence a factor has in altering the balance of incoming and outgoing energy in the Earth-atmosphere [...]


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Conservation Biology Institute
Harvested on Fri May 23 09:35:01 MDT 2014 from Data Basin Service

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