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Spatial patterns and factors influencing small vertebrate fauna road-kill aggregations.


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Anthony P Clevenger, Bryn Chruszcz, and Kari E Gunson, 2003, Spatial patterns and factors influencing small vertebrate fauna road-kill aggregations.: Biological Conservation 109, no. 1 (2003): 15-26.


Synopsis: This study examined the spatial patterns and factors influencing small terrestrial vertebrate road-kill aggregations in the Bow River Valley of Alberta, Canada. Mammal and bird road-kill indices were consistently higher on low volume parkway roads than on the high-speed, high volume Trans-Canada highway (TCH). Birds were more vulnerable to collisions than mammals on the TCH. Low volume parkway road-kills were less likely to occur on raised sections of road, and tended to occur close to vegetative cover far from wildlife passages and culverts. Highway sections with forested medians were less significant barriers to forest birds than open grassy medians. Since forest dwelling birds are reluctant to cross large un-forested gaps, [...]


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