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Stormwater contaminant loading following southern California wildfires


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ED Stein, JS Brown, TS Hogue, MP Burke, and A Kinoshita, 2012, Stormwater contaminant loading following southern California wildfires: Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, volume 31, issue 11 (2012):2625-2638.


Synopsis: The goal of this study was to examine contaminant loadings associated with stormwater runoff from recently burned areas in urban fringe areas of southern California, to derive regional patterns of runoff and contaminant loadings in this context. Postfire stormwater runoff was sampled from five wildfires that each burned between 115 and 658 km2 of natural open space between 2003 and 2009. The area is characterized by classic Mediterranean climate conditions of relatively mild to cool wet winter and warm to hot dry summers. Between two and five storm events were sampled per site over the first one to two years following the fires for basic constituents, metals, nutrients, total suspended solids, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons [...]



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