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Effects of land cover change on streamflow in the interior Columbia River Basin (USA and Canada).


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Bernt Matheussen, Robin L Kirschbaum, Iris A Goodman, Greg M O'Donnell, and Dennis P Lettenmaier, 2000, Effects of land cover change on streamflow in the interior Columbia River Basin (USA and Canada).: Hydrological Processes 14 (2000): 867-885.


Synopsis: This study analyzed the effects of vegetation change on hydrological fluctuations in the Columbia River basin over the last century using two land cover scenarios. The first scenario was a reconstruction of historical land cover vegetation, c. 1900. The second scenario was more recent land cover as estimated from remote sensing data for 1990. The results show that, hydrologically, the most important vegetation-related change has been a general tendency towards decreased vegetation maturity in the forested areas of the basin. This general trend represents a balance between the effects of logging and fire suppression. In those areas where forest maturity has been reduced as a result of logging, wintertime maximum snow accumulations, [...]


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