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The Satoyama Index: A biodiversity indicator for agricultural landscapes.


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Taku Kadoya, and Izumi Washitani, 2011, The Satoyama Index: A biodiversity indicator for agricultural landscapes.: Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 140 , 2011: 20–26.


Conclusions: Globally, the pattern of East/South-East Asian rice paddy belts have higher ecosystem/habitat diversity index values than Eurasian, American, and Australian wheat or corn belts. Thresholds/Learnings: Synopsis: The most critical of the issues faced in addressing the targets of the Convention of Biological Diversity are ‘biodiversity conservation under agricultural development’ and ‘the sustainable use of natural resources and/or land’. Therefore, appropriate indicators for the status of biodiversity and the pressures placed on biodiversity in relation to the intensification of agriculture are needed. Agricultural development has had major impacts on biodiversity and the abandonment of traditional land use to meet rapidly [...]



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