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Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula and Vicinity, Michigan


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The area of this data set includes the classic geology and mineral deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula, renowned for the occurrence of great volumes of Middle Proterozoic flood basalts and the world's largest concentration of native copper. Native copper was mined there continuously from the 1840's to the 1960's. For the earlier part of that period the Keweenawan native copper district was the principal source of copper for the United States.


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Bill Cannon
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Jennifer Lenz
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U.S. Geological Survey Information Services
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Peter N Schweitzer
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William F. Cannon, Michele E. McRae, Suzanne W. Nicholson

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This database is intended to summarize and update a wealth of very detailed geologic maps of the region. The related hardcopy publication, Geologic Map of the Keweenaw Peninsula and Adjacent Area, Michigan (Cannon and Nicholson), is part of a set of maps portraying the regional geology of the Midcontinent rift on the south shore of Lake Superior.The geology and mineral deposits of the district have been painstakingly studied for many years. Milestones in the studies were the extensive report of Butler and Burbank (1929) and the detailed geologic maps produced by the USGS in the 1950's. The latter were aided greatly by the Calumet and Hecla Copper Company which provided USGS geologists with a wealth of exploration and production data that allowed construction of detailed 1:24,000 scale maps for the entire peninsula. Those maps are the principal source of information used to compile this data set. We have attempted to preserve as much detail as possible at 1:100,000 scale. For rocks northwest of the Keweenaw fault we have made few changes to previously mapped geology. New data is limited to deposits of chalcocite and native copper discovered since the previous mapping in the 1950's, to a more detailed study of rhyolite bodies, and to radiometric age determinations. For areas southeast of the Keweenaw fault, new geophysical data and drill holes allow some new inferences about the geology of volcanic rocks covered by a thin veneer of Jacobsville Sandstone.
A PDF representation of the geology and mineral deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula and vicinity, Michigan
A PDF representation of the geology and mineral deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula and vicinity, Michigan




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