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Geology of the onshore part of San Mateo County, California: A digital database


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This digital map database, compiled from previously published andunpublished data, and new mapping by the authors, represents thegeneral distribution of bedrock and surficial deposits in San MateoCounty. Together with the accompanying text, it provides currentinformation on the geologic stucture and stratigraphy of the areacovered. The database delineates map units that are identified bygeneral age and lithology following the stratigraphic nomenclatureof the U.S. Geological Survey. The scale of the source maps limitsthe spatial resolution (scale) of the database to 1:62,500 or smaller.


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This map is intended to be of general use to engineers and land-useplanners. However, its small scale does not provide sufficientdetail for site development purposes. In addition, this map does nottake the place of fault-rupture hazard zones designated by theCalifornia State Geologist (Hart, 1988). Similarly, the databasecannot be used to identify or delineate landslides in the region.For a depiction of landslide distribution, see Brabb and Pampeyan(1972), Brabb and others (1978), Mark (1992), Wieczorek and others(1985), and Wieczorek and others (1988).
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Image of entire map on black background




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