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San Francisco Bay Region Landslide Folio Part E - Map of debris-flow source areas in the San Francisco Bay region, California


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2013-05-16 14:07:55


These maps show, for emergency service managers in the San FranciscoBay region, the threshold rainfall that may be capable oftriggering a level of debris-flow activity likely to threatenpublic safety. The maps are products of a continuing series ofstudies that began after a catastrophic storm on January 3-5, 1982triggered 18,000 debris flows in the San Francisco Bay region,causing 25 deaths and $66 million in property damage. Thethreshold rainfall values were estimated by re-evaluating aprevious empirical analysis of data from the 1982 storm, and otherhistorical rainfall records, that normalized the rainfall intensitydata by dividing by the mean annual precipitation (MAP) of thecorresponding rain gage. The present analysis also takes [...]


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Jayko, Angela S
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USGS Information Services
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R.C. Wilson, A.S. Jayko

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The primary intended use of these maps is to facilitate responseplanning for debris-flow related emergencies. The maps areintended to be used in conjunction with the debris-flowsusceptibility map developed by Ellen and Mark (1997) in this sameseries.
PDF representation of the map of 6-hour rainfall thresholds (1.1 megabytes)
PDF representation of the map of 6-hour rainfall thresholds (1.1 megabytes)



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