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San Francisco Bay region landslide folio part D - Index to detailed maps of landslides in the San Francisco Bay region, California


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2013-05-16 14:07:55


A table keyed to 171 topographic quadrangles on a new1:275,000-scale shaded-relief map speeds access to information onlandslide locations in the ten-county San Francisco Bay region.Detailed maps showing individual landslides in nearly any area ofinterest can be found quickly by knowing only the name of theappropriate 7.5' quadrangle. The some-80 technical reports thatcontain these maps may be consulted in the U.S. Geological Survey'sMenlo Park library collection.


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Pike, Richard JJr.
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USGS Information Services
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R.J. Pike

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It is often necessary to find out whether a landslide exists at aparticular Bay Area locale. Homeowners, landscape architects, realestate developers, city planners, building officials,emergency-response personnel, civil engineers, utilities workers,and others all have occasion to know where the landslides are.Because existing old and ancient landslides may be reactivated bysevere winter storms (Nilsen and others, 1976), timely availabilityof information on landslide location can reduce losses of life andproperty to the region's expanding population (San Francisco BayLandslide Mapping Team, 1997). This report enables visitors to theUSGS Menlo Park library to quickly find the detailed landslide mapthey need. Access to the proper documents is achieved through atable keyed to standard USGS 7.5' quadrangles´┐Ża proxy for a trueindex map, plus the library location of each document.



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