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San Francisco Bay region landslide folio part C - Summary distribution of slides and earth flows in the San Francisco Bay region, California


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The distribution of landslides evident in the landscape -- most ofwhich are slumps, translational slides, and earth flows -- is ofinterest both for evaluation of hazard and risk and for use infurther study of landslides. Future movement of such landslides ismost likely to occur within and around the places where they havepreviously occurred. A map showing the generalized distribution ofthese landslides was published by Nilsen and Wright for the 9-countySan Francisco Bay region in 1979. Original sources available at thetime of that compilation were incomplete for the region. Landslidemapping that has since become available provides a basis forrevision and extension of that work, and modern procedures allowthis to be done in digital [...]


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Wentworth, Carl MJR
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Jennifer Lenz
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USGS Information Services
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Peter N Schweitzer
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C.M. Wentworth, S.E. Graham, R.J. Pike, G.S. Beukelman, D.W. Ramsey, A.D. Barron

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These maps and databases provide a summary of the distribution oflandslides evident in the landscape of the San Francisco Bay region.Original identification and map delineation of these landslidesrequired detailed analysis of the topography by skilled geologists,a task generally accomplished through the study of aerialphotographs. Such original landslide maps are now available for mostof the region at scales of 1:24,000 - 1:62,500 (Pike, 1997).



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