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Digital mineral resource maps of phosphate and natural aggregate for the Pacific Northwest: a contribution to the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project


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2013-05-16 14:07:34


This report is one in a series of digital maps, data files, and reports generated by the US Geological Survey to provide geologic process and mineral resource information for the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP), a US Forst Service and Bureau of Land Management interagency project. The various digital maps and data files which were provided by the USGS, and which are available in this and other reports, are being used in a GIS-based ecosystem assessment which includes a comprehensive analysis of past, present, and future ecosystem conditions within the general area of the Columbia River Basin east of the Cascade Mountains.


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Bookstrom, Arthur A
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Jennifer Lenz
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Cindy Dean
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Peter N Schweitzer
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Arthur A. Bookstrom, Gary L. Raines, Bruce R. Johnson

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The goal of the ICBEMP management strategy is to provide management tools to sustain or restore ecosystem integrity and produce desired condistions, uses, products, values, and services over the long term. The intent of the project is to understand the ramifications of management practices or distrubances both in the area subject to the practice or disturbance as well as effects which may be removed, in time and space, from the area.




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