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Geologic map of the Hayward fault zone, Contra Costa, Alameda, and Santa Clara Counties, California: A digital database


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This digital map database, compiled from previously open- filed U.S.Geological Survey reports (Graymer and others, 1994, Graymer,Jones, and Brabb, 1994) and unpublished data, represents thegeneral distribution of rocks and faults in the Hayward fault zone.As described in this report, the Hayward fault zone is a zone ofhighly deformed rocks which trends north 30 degrees west from anarea southeast of San Jose to the San Pablo Bay, and ranges inwidth from 2 to 10 kilometers. Although historic earthquakeactivity has been concentrated in the western part of the zone, thezone as a whole reflects oblique right-lateral and compressivedeformation along a significant upper crustal break over the past10 million years or more. Together with the [...]


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Wells, Ray E
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Jennifer Lenz
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USGS Information Services
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Peter N Schweitzer
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R.W. Graymer, D.L. Jones, E.E. Brabb

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The purpose of this report is fivefold. 1) to demonstrate theshort history of the creeping strand and to describe the structuralhistory of the fault zone as a whole; 2) to illustrate potentiallyactive strands within the Hayward fault zone in addition to thecreeping strand defined by Lienkaemper; 3) to describe structuresrelated to the Hayward fault zone including compressive structures;4) to show possible Hayward - Calaveras fault connections inaddition to that proposed by Andrews and others; 5) to describerock types involved in the Hayward fault zone.
Reduced-size image of geologic map sheet of the Hayward fault zone.
Reduced-size image of geologic map sheet of the Hayward fault zone.



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