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Inventory of landslides triggered by the 1994 Northridge, California earthquake


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The 17 January 1994 Northridge, California, earthquake (M=6.7)triggered more than 11,000 landslides over an area of about 10,000km2. Most of the landslides were concentrated in a 1,000-km2 areathat includes the Santa Susana Mountains and the mountains north ofthe Santa Clara River valley. We mapped landslides triggered by theearthquake in the field and from 1:60,000-scale aerial photographyprovided by the U.S. Air Force and taken the morning of theearthquake; these were subsequently digitized and plotted in aGIS-based format, as shown on the accompanying maps (which also areaccessible via Internet). Most of the triggered landslides wereshallow (1-5 m), highly disrupted falls and slides in weaklycemented Tertiary to Pleistocene clastic [...]


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Harp, Edwin L
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Peter N Schweitzer
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USGS Information Services
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Peter N Schweitzer
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Edwin L. Harp, Randall W. Jibson

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This extensive database will allow quantitative modeling of therelation between strong ground shaking, landslide susceptibility,and landslide distribution. The area of the greatest landslideconcentration currently is undeveloped, but many parts of this areain the Santa Susana Mountains are slated for future denseresidential development. We anticipate using the data and modelingresults from the Northridge earthquake to produce regional maps ofearthquake-induced landslide hazards that can be used to makeinformed decisions regarding development in the areas mostsusceptible to seismically triggered landsliding.
GIF of landslide deposits in the Northridge, California area
GIF of landslide deposits in the Northridge, California area




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