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General distribution of geologic materials in the southern San Francisco Bay region, California: A digital map database


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2013-05-16 14:07:31


The ssfb_m1 digital map database, which is compiled from 1970'svintage sources, represents the general distribution and identityof geologic materials in the southern San Francisco Bay region,California, west of the Calaveras fault. It is not a geologic map,because it does not address the geologic structure or thestratigraphic organization of the map units in a systematic way.Instead, it is directed at the distribution and character of thegeologic materials following the pattern of its progenitors,Wentworth and others (1985) and Ellen and Wentworth (in press).Consultation of these reports and the other compilation sources willaid in using the database.


Point of Contact :
Wentworth, Carl MJR
Process Contact :
Jennifer Lenz
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USGS Information Services
Metadata Contact :
Peter N Schweitzer
Originator :
Carl M. Wentworth

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The purpose of this digital map database is to provide a map of thedistribution and character of the geologic materials following thepattern of its progenitors, Wentworth and others (1985) and Ellenand Wentworth (in press at the time of the release).



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