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A spatial database of bedding attitudes to accompany Geologic map of the greater Denver area, Front Range urban corridor, Colorado, by Donald E. Trimble and Michael N. Machette


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2013-05-16 14:07:19


This digital map shows bedding attitude symbols display overthe geographic extent of surficial deposits and rockstratigraphic units (formations) as compiled by Trimble andMachette 1973-1977 and published in 1979 (U.S. GeologicalSurvey Map I-856-H) under the Front Range Urban CorridorGeology Program. Trimble and Machette compiled their geologicmap from published geologic maps and unpublished geologicmapping having varied map unit schemes. A convenient feature ofthe compiled map is its uniform classification of geologicunits that mostly matches those of companion maps to thenorth (USGS I-855-G) and to the south (USGS I-857-F).Published as a color paper map, the Trimble and Machette mapwas intended for land-use planning in the Front Range [...]


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Theodore R. Brandt
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Theodore Brandt
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U.S. Geological Survey
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Peter N Schweitzer
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Theodore R. Brandt, David W. Moore, Kyle E. Murray

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This digital map can serve various purposes related to land-useplanning in the greater Denver metropolitan area. It showspotential shallow aquifers and rock units that are suitable forwaste disposal, and aggregate mining, for example. The mapdistinguishes rock units that are somewhat predictable(dependent on scale and uniformity of the rock unit) in physicalproperties and mineral content, making the map useful inplanning. Given this predictability, experts can use the mapto derive thematic maps that show the suitability of surficialmaterials for various uses by man; or to derive maps that showareas susceptible to certain hazards, for example, swellingsoils, heaving bedrock, landslides.The digital map is designed to provide geologic data at1:100,000 scale to address urban growth issues and to helpresolve conflicts among planned uses of the land.

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