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A spatial database of bedding attitudes to accompany Geologic Map of the Boulder--Fort Collins--Greeley area, Colorado, by Roger B. Colton


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2013-05-16 14:07:19


This digital map shows bedding attitude data displayed over the geographic extent of rock stratigraphic units (formations) as compiled by Colton in 1976 (U.S.Geological Survey Map I-855-G) under the Front Range Urban Corridor Geology Program. Colton used his own mapping and published geologic maps having varied map unit schemes to compile one map with a uniform classification of geologic units. The resulting published color paper map was intended for planning for use of land in the Front Range Urban Corridor. In 1997-1999, under the USGS Front Range Infrastructure Resources Project, Colton's map was digitized to provide data at 1:100,000 scale to address urban growth issues(see cross-reference). In general, the west part of the map [...]


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This digital map can serve various purposes. It shows potential shallow aquifers and rock units that are suitable for waste disposal, and aggregate mining, for example. The map distinguishes rock units that are somewhat predictable in physical properties and mineral content, making the map useful in planning for urban growth and zoning. Ideally, qualified experts can use the map to make derivative maps that show the suitability of rock units for various uses by man.

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