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ORWA26_500UTM: Oregon/Washington 500 meter, 1926 Bathymetry Grid;UTM Projection


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2013-05-16 14:06:50


ORWA26_500UTM is a digital bathymetric surface grid of the seafloor offthe coast of Washington and Oregon. Grid cell spacing is 500m and theprojection is UTM Zone 10.The surface was produced by gridding National Ocean Service (NOS)Hydrographic Surveys collected between 1926 and 1974 (primarily1926 to 1930). This work includes the most recent bathymetric dataavailable on a regional scale over the inner to outer continental shelfoff the coast of Washington and Oregon. The results represent thebest available estimate of the seafloor morphology for the time periodcirca 1926.


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This bathymetric surface grid is intended for use as an historicalbathymetric base map for scientific research. It is not intended fornavigational purposes. The grid was originally intended for use in wavemodelling experiments as part of the Southwest Washington Coastal ErosionStudy (SWCES), a cooperative study by the US Geological Survey and theWashington State Department of Ecology.

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