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Mineral Operations of Africa and the Middle East


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This data set consists of records for over 1,500 mineral facilities in Africa and the Middle East. The mineral facilities include mines, plants, mills , or refineries of aluminum, cement, coal, copper, diamond, gold, iron and steel, nickel, platinum-group metals, salt, and silver, among others. Records include attributes such as commodity, country, site, company name, plant capacity if applicable, and generalized coordinates. The data were compiled from multiple sources, including the 2004 USGS Minerals Yearbook (Africa and Middle East volume), minerals statistics and information from the USGS minerals information Web site (, and data collected by USGS minerals information country specialists. Data [...]


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The purpose of this data set is to present information about the mineral facilities of Africa and the Mineral East, including their location, ownership or operating company, operating status, and capacity. This data set reflects the mineral operations pertinent to commodities discussed in the International Minerals Yearbook chapters of the USGS.

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