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Development of Enhanced Feature Recognition Software for the Extraction of Mine Features from USGS Topographic Maps


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The USMIN Project is multi-year project of the USGS Mineral Resource Program (MRP) whose objective is to develop a comprehensive geospatial database of the mines, mineral deposits and mineral districts of the United States. This database builds upon MRP projects which date back to the late 1960’s and will provide data that will be of value to other parts of the USGS, other federal and state agencies and the general public. Mine Features, which are defined as “a single human-made object or disturbance associated with mining, such as a shaft or adit (vertical or horizontal opening), tailings, machinery and facilities, etc. A mine can be comprised of one or more features.” are a major component of the database. These features are [...]

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Automate extraction of mine features from historical topo maps to create digital dataset.

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  • Community for Data Integration (CDI)



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