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Great memorial valley on the Arkansas at the mouth of the La Plata (Clear Creek). Colorado. 1873.


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Album caption: Great memorial valley on the Arkansas at the mouth of the La Plata. Colorado. No date. Descriptive Catalog of the Photographs of the United States Geological Survey of the Territories, W. H. Jackson, Photographer, Second Edition, Illustrated, 1873 Series, page 58, No. 91, "Moraines on La Plata Creek. A grand display of great glacial power. Upon either side of the creek are two lateral moraines a half mile apart, three miles in length, and averaging 500 feet in height, as regular as if plowed up by Titans. The granite walls of the canyon above are ground and polished so smoothly as to glisten in the sunlight. Ages past a glacier filled this canyon five hundred to eight hundred feet in depth, and twenty miles in length, [...]


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U.S. Geological Survey
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Jackson, William Henry

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Available in the U.S. Geological Survey Denver Library Photographic Collection, Jackson, W.H. Collection.


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