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Aggregated Sea Cucumber Catch and Effort Grid 2000-2005


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The Sea Cucumber catch and effort grid dataset has been assembled directly from the Shellfish Data Units harvest log database located at the Pacific Biological Station(PBS). The dataset has been modified to meet the sensitive nature of the data as per the Access to Information Act20(1)(b,c); which specifies that Fisheries and Oceans Canada will not disclose to a third party confidential information that may prejudice the competitive position of the fisher, in which fishing location has been identified as one of the entities to be protected. There was a 4km x 4km grid used in the desensitization process as well information was limited to total Effort (hr) and total Catch (lbs). The dataset is comprised of Sea Cucumber species only and [...]


Point of Contact :
Erick Merner
Process Contact :
Erick Merner
Distributor :
Dwight McCullough
Metadata Contact :
Dave Nicolson
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Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Pacific Biological Station

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The purpose of the data is to display complete, up-to-date information on commercial Sea Cucumber fishing activities along the coast of British Columbia for the BCMCA Atlas and Marxan analyses. This dataset was originally developed in fulfillment of a request by the Oceans Action Plan (OAP) committee with the intent to contribute to management plans within the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area (PNCIMA). It was subsequently provided to the British Columbia Marine Conservation Analysis (BCMCA).The British Columbia Marine Conservation Analysis (BCMCA) is a collaborative project assembling and analyzing spatial information about Canada's Pacific Ocean. The overall goal of the BCMCA is to identify marine areas of high conservation value and marine areas important to human use. Results of the project are intended to inform and help advance marine planning initiatives in BC by providing collaborative, peer-reviewed scientific analyses based on the best ecological and human use spatial data at scales relevant to a BC coast-wide analysis.



  • LC MAP - Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal
  • North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative



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