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National Science Foundation Ice Core Facility


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The National Science Foundation Ice Core Facility (NSF-ICF) - formerly the U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory (NICL) - is a facility for storing, curating, and studying meteoric ice cores recovered from glaciated regions of the world. NSF-ICF provides scientists with the capability to conduct examinations and measurements on ice cores, and it preserves the integrity of these ice cores in a long-term repository for current and future investigations.

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Material Request Instructions

From the NSF-ICF page on Scheduling a Sampling Visit:

Scientists planning a sampling visit must obtain a core grant prior to their arrival from the NSF-ICF Science Management Office (SMO) at the University of New Hampshire. NSF-ICF cannot release any core nor allow any core to be cut without the appropriate core grant verification from the NSF-ICF SMO. The core grant process can be initiated by a phone call to the NSF-ICF Science Director, Mark Twickler at 603-862-1991 or Once access to the core has been granted, the scientist can call 303-202-4830 or e-mail to set up a site visit and fill out one of our resource forms. Should you wish to ship equipment ahead of your arrival at NSF-ICF, please use the correct shipping address and let us know that your shipment is coming. Maps of the local area can be downloaded from this website. Non-U.S. scientists and non-NSF funded scientists may be required to have an NSF funded collaborator before they can be given access to certain cores.

Scientists frequently request NSF-ICF staff to cut and ship core samples for them. The ability of lab personnel to cut ice for you depends on our workload at the time of the request and on the amount of ice being requested. Should the lab staff be unable to perform this service for you, we will attempt to put you in touch with a student from a nearby college or university who can be hired to cut and pack your samples. Although NSF-ICF is a no-fee facility, shipping costs must be borne by your home institution. The lab staff tracks each shipment to its final destination and will keep you apprised of your shipment's progress. Upon receipt of your shipment, please return the temperature logger and any eutectic packs which accompanied your ice.


This ScienceBase collection provides links to the National Science Foundation Ice Core Facility along with a snapshot of the current ice core collection.


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Ice core records provided through this collection are a snapshot of the full inventory available online at under the 'Inventory' tab. The full table of ice cores was transformed in the following ways to create the ScienceBase items: <ul> <li>Core Names were appended with "NICL Ice Core - " to give context within the ScienceBase collection of records</li> <li>Latitude and Longitude values were converted to decimal degrees</li> <li>Color codes were converted to status values in the metadata</li> <li>Principal Investigators were separated out into individual contacts where applicable</li> <li>Shortened or acronymized affiliates were spelled out to aid in connecting to other records for organizations</li> <li>Added Core Collection and Core Site attributes from organization of some of the cores on the NICL web site</li> </ul> <br> Note: The final transformation of attributes from the NSF-ICF web site inventory is in an attached spreadsheet and JSON document.

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