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Human footprint intensity in the sagebrush ecosystem


This map was developed to show the distribution of human influence on the sagebrush ecosystem in the western United States. This dataset was developed from the Human Footprint inthe western United States (Leu et al. 2008) and an aggregrate of the sagebrush ecological systems mapped in the LANDFIRE EVT dataset. Provides the distribution sagebrush attributed with 3 human foorpint instensity classes


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sage_hfint/info/arc.dir 1.11 KB application/x-director
sage_hfint/info/arc0000.dat 80 Bytes text/plain
sage_hfint/info/arc0000.nit 576 Bytes application/octet-stream
sage_hfint/info/arc0001.dat 80 Bytes text/plain
sage_hfint/info/arc0001.nit 576 Bytes application/octet-stream
sage_hfint/info/arc0002.dat 80 Bytes text/plain
sage_hfint/info/arc0002.nit 432 Bytes application/octet-stream
sage_hfint/info/arc0002r.001 2 KB application/octet-stream
sage_hfint/sage_hfint/dblbnd.adf 32 Bytes application/octet-stream
sage_hfint/sage_hfint/hdr.adf 308 Bytes application/octet-stream
sage_hfint/sage_hfint/log 225 Bytes text/plain
Potential Metadata Source

16.43 KB application/fgdc+xml
sage_hfint/sage_hfint/prj.adf 387 Bytes text/plain
sage_hfint/sage_hfint/sta.adf 32 Bytes application/octet-stream
sage_hfint/sage_hfint/vat.adf 232 Bytes application/octet-stream
sage_hfint/sage_hfint/w001001.adf 20.06 MB x-gis/x-shapefile
sage_hfint/sage_hfint/w001001x.adf 1.45 MB x-gis/x-shapefile
sage_hfint/sage_hfint.html 46.79 KB text/html
sage_hfint/sage_hfint.sgml 10.63 KB text/plain
sage_hfint/sage_hfint.txt 12.8 KB text/plain


  • Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative
  • LC MAP - Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal

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