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North America Species of Common Conservation Concern


The Commission on Environmental Cooperation, in concert with a trinational group of experts, has identified North American species of common conservation concern (SCCC). These terrestrial and marine species comprise a group of important migratory, transboundary and endemic species selected from among the continent’s great wealth of wild flora and fauna, which require regional cooperation for their effective conservation.

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SCCC_Shapefiles/NA_SCCC/data/SCCC/SCCC.dbf 15.46 KB
SCCC_Shapefiles/NA_SCCC/data/SCCC/SCCC.prj 409 Bytes
SCCC_Shapefiles/NA_SCCC/data/SCCC/SCCC.sbn 476 Bytes
SCCC_Shapefiles/NA_SCCC/data/SCCC/SCCC.sbx 140 Bytes
SCCC_Shapefiles/NA_SCCC/data/SCCC/SCCC.shp 19.46 MB
SCCC_Shapefiles/NA_SCCC/data/SCCC/SCCC.shp.xml 12.09 KB
SCCC_Shapefiles/NA_SCCC/data/SCCC/SCCC.shx 380 Bytes
SCCC_Shapefiles/NA_SCCC/NA_SCCC.lyr 14 KB
SCCC_Shapefiles/SCCC_documentation_2009e2.doc 52.5 KB
SCCC_Shapefiles/Terms of use.doc 22 KB

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