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Assessing Element Mobility in Soils of the Greater Green River Basin


Scope and Methods The Greater Green River Basin is home to several endemic plant species and endangered animals, notably sage grouse and pygmy rabbit. The Green River Formation that characterizes much of the basin also hosts thick sequences of organic carbon-rich shale (oil shale), extractable pockets of natural gas, and bedded trona (Na3(CO3)(HCO3)•2H2O), the extractions or minings of which can mobilize elements that could potentially affect ecosystem function and processes in the basin. In an ongoing attempt to develop methods for assessing element mobility in the basin, USGS obtained commercial chemical analyses from XRAL Laboratory, Canada, for use in analyzing major elements with inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry. [...]


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U.S. Geological Survey

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  • Wyoming Landscape Conservation Initiative


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