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Social organization and space-use in Gunnison's prairie dog


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Linda S Rayor, 1988, Social organization and space-use in Gunnison's prairie dog: .


Social organization of the Gunnison's prairie dog, Cynomys gunnisoni, was studied in two populations in south-central Colorado. Gunnison's prairie dogs live in complex, interactive societies fitting current definitions of highly social ground squirrels. Members of harems (‘coteries’) cooperatively use and defend a common territory. Spatial overlap is extensive between the adult male(s) and adult females, and among adult females within the harem through the active season. Amicable behavioral interactions are frequent within the harem, whereas interactions between members of different harems are primarily agonistic and spatial overlap is minimal. Although their behavioral repertoire is more limited, social organization of the Gunnison's [...]


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Linda S Rayor

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  • Upper Colorado River Basin



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