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Y. Souchon

With the increasing appreciation of global warming impacts on ecological systems, in addition to the myriad of land management effects on water quality, the number of literature citations dealing with the effects of water temperature on freshwater fish has escalated in the past decade. Given the many biological scales at which water temperature effects have been studied, and the growing need to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines of thermal biology to fully protect beneficial uses, we held that a survey of the most promising recent developments and an expression of some of the remaining unanswered questions with significant management implications would best be approached collectively by a diverse research...
The conclusions of numerous stream restoration assessments all around the world are extremely clear and convergent: there has been insufficient appropriate monitoring to improve general knowledge and expertise. In the specialized field of instream flow alterations, we consider that there are several opportunities comparable to full-size experiments. Hundreds of water management decisions related to instream flow releases have been made by government agencies, native peoples, and non-governmental organizations around the world. These decisions are based on different methods and assumptions and many flow regimes have been adopted by formal or informal rules and regulations. Although, there have been significant advances...
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In 1991, Harvey Doerksen was able to write a memoir discussing 20 years of instream flow work (Doerksen 1991). He recalled coming into the field in about 1973, but points out that there were many dedicated professionals working on the front line of what has become known as the environmental flow issue since at least the 1940’s. One of the earliest controversies in this new field was about what to call it. Some of the can- didate titles included “Stream Re- source Maintenance Flow,” “Base Flow,” and “Minimum Flow.” Although some of these terms were already in wide use by the early 1970’s, the term “instream flow” was not even listed in the 1973, 1974, or 1975 editions of the Water Resources Research Catalog of keywords...
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