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Water and Environmental Research Center

Contemporary observations suggest that water may disappear entirely from portions of some North Slope stream-beds during periods of drought or low flow. Climate models project even drier summers in the future. This could pose a problem for migrating fish that must be able to move back and forth from breeding and summer feeding areas to scarce overwintering sites. This work uses the best available long-term hydrologic data set for the North Slope (in the upper Kuparuk River watershed) to develop a model to assess the vulnerability of stream systems to periodic drought, and the vulnerability of migrating fish to a loss of stream connectivity.
Water temperature in lakes and lagoons plays a key role in hydrology, water quality, and habitat suitability for aquatic organisms. The purpose of this project is to provide land and resource managers with information related to the past, present, and future temperature trends in lake surface waters in western Alaska. Through a combination of remote sensing, in situ data collection, model development, we will analyze similarities and differences related to spatial and temporal patterns of lake surface temperatures in western Alaska from 1985 to 2100. ‚Äč
Map of the Upper Koyukuk River Area and location of proposed observation sites (numbered circles). This large area drains the southern Brooks Range ecoregion and extends downstream into the Kobuk Ridges and Valleys outside of the Arctic LCC boundary. Compared to other sites in TEON, these rivers are larger basins and reflect higher relief landscapes. Inset shows the location of the seven TEON focal watersheds. Image by Arctic LCC staff.
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