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Tiffany McFarland

This project resulted in the development of a conservation framework to further the conservation of grassland-shrublands in the area encompassed by the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GCP LCC). The project used the Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapilla) as a focal species for developing the five deliverables of this project. Additionally, we included two more avian species of conservation priority (Bell’s Vireo [V. bellii] and Painted Bunting [Passerina ciris]), and an additional three species that are of particular interest to land owners and managers (Northern Bobwhite [Colinus virginianus], White-tailed Deer [Odocoileus virginianus], and Wild Turkey [Meleagris gallopavo]) to ensure that...
The GCP LCC Steering Committee tasked the GCP LCC Science Team to reduce to 25 a list Surrogate Species (from a long list of Priority, and Focal Species) for use in conservation planning. Step one (1) would be to identify and retain a contractor to compile all identified conservation species lists, organize these lists of species, and condense these lists for the GCP LCC. The contractor would use existing species lists (e.g., Federal, State, Joint Ventures, Fish Habitat Partnerships, The Nature Conservancy, etc.) provided by the Science Team and other sources; the format and reduction through the use of Science team collaboration and specific criteria would be documented and summarized by the contractor. This process...
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