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Stephanie Chance

This SSP project resulted in a dissertation: Lethal and sub-lethal physiological effects of behavioral responses of endangered freshwater mussels to reductions in streamflow. Little is known about the behavioral responses and physiological effects of freshwater mussels to reductions in streamflow and their ecological significance, but movement behavior of animals is often an important adaptation for responding to changing environmental conditions. Mussels are primarily thought of as sessile organisms typically exhibiting little to no movement during their life span. To better understand this aspect of mussel ecology, flume, mesocosm, and in-situ field studies were conducted to determine behavioral responses to...
The goal of this QR project was to identify how mussels responded to reductions in stream discharge. The primary objective was to identify the movement strategy used in response to diminishing water levels for each species. Additionally, determine if these movement strategies are consistent within genera or closely related species.
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