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Shannon K Brewer

Geographic patterns and time trends of water-quality, modeled streamflow, and ecological data were compared along the Canadian River and selected tributaries in northeastern New Mexico to Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma to determine effects of climate change on water quality, streamflows, fish populations and ecological flows in this watershed from 1939 to 2013. Project participants included staff from the Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, Vieux and Associates, USGS New Jersey Water Science Center and the USGS Oklahoma Water Science Center. Principal project funding was by the South Central Climate Science Center, with in-kind matching from the project participant organizations.
The streams and rivers of the GCP LCC are delicately balanced ecosystems that link diverse habitats with the people, plants and animals that rely on clean and abundant water supplies to thrive. The natural patterns of seasonal flows in streams and rivers – called instream or environmental flows - are the drivers for many of the ecosystem functions and processes on which the riverine and coastal natural and human economies rely. Extreme droughts and population growth in the GCP LCC region have forced the recognition that water resources are limited and need to be better managed. Excessive extractions and diversions of water alter instream flows and threaten the ecological processes that are dependent upon them. Dams...
The Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership, a partner in the Gulf Coast Prairie Landscape Conservation Cooperative, is advancing instream flow science by developing basic information necessary to support flow standards and water management recommendations for waterways throughout the region. Helping resource managers prepare for future population growth and climate change-associated flow alterations at regional and local scales will enable state and federal agencies to focus regulatory and management efforts on habitats most vulnerable to altered flow. They will be able to develop more effective management strategies to minimize impacts to fish and wildlife and better inform policy-makers on conservation needs.
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