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Robin T. Holcomb

The purpose of this paper is to present a complete account of contrasting yet related eruptions, thus filling a gap in the published narratives of recent activity of Kilauea; and to examine their significance within a broader context of regional magmatic and eruptive dynamics. We have gained a historical perspective and can view these three eruptions within a multidecade context of the eruptive behavior of not only Kilauea, but also of the adjacent Mauna Loa.
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GLORIA side-scan imagery of the region north of Oahu was collected during two cruises in the spring of 1988. These cruises, F4-88-HW and F6-88-HW, discovered an extensive lava flow field on the Hawaiian Arch and extensive landslide deposits that moved down through the Hawaiian Moat and up onto the Hawaiian Arch. These landslide deposits were apparently derived from two separate submarine failures on the north side of Molokai and the northeast side of Oahu. The cruise reports for these cruises will be released as USGS Open-File Reports in 1989.This report summarizes the results of a subsequent cruise, F11-88-HW on the R/V Farnella, to sample some of the features discovered during the prior GLORIA surveys. Cruise...
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