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Reid, Donald

Executive summary -- Acronyms -- Introduction -- The natural setting: ecosystems in the boreal mountains: Geographic setting; Ecological setting -- The conservation challenge: A conservation paradigm and tool box; Needs and opportunities -- Institutional setting: Yukon; British Columbia -- Summary: the way forward: Land use disposition; Valley bottoms, riparian areas and wetlands; Access management; Climate change; Institutional engagement; Regional diversity -- Appendix: Additional information regarding institutions: Yukon Department of Environment; Yukon First Nations governments; Yukon co-management agencies; Yukon non-government organizations; B.C. First Nations governments.
The Yukon government’s proposal to build a large hydroelectric dam on one of Yukon’s large undammed rivers raises major environmental concerns, particularly about impacts on important fish populations. Hydroelectric dams have a well-documented history of disrupting and even destroying the ecology of rivers and lakes in northern Canada. Impacts on fish populations and their habitats have been widespread and often irreversible. The Yukon Government’s Next Generation Hydro initiative has identified ten potential sites for such a dam. In this report we summarize the major risks to fish and fish habitats of a new hydroelectric dam on a large river with the goal of providing Yukon communities and citizens with better...
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