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Grady Mann outline of the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR). This delineation is based on a map on page 2 from Mann, G. E. 1974. The Prairie Pothole Region - a zone of environmental opportunity. Naturalist 25(4):2-7.
This layer represents land cover classes mapped within the Modoc Wildlife Refuge. Mapping was completed using a combination of field data, object-based image analysis using Feature Analyst, and photo interpretation. Source data included 2005 CIR NAIP digital aerial photography, and Modoc National Wildlife Refuge data layers. Field data was collected by USFWS staff in May and June of 2007.
This "Surface Management Agency" data layer portrays tracts of federal land for the United States and classifies these holdings by administrative agency. Multiple federal agencies have contributed to the contents of this layer and it is in a continuous state of update. Source and date of feature updates are tracked to the feature level. This layer provides an answer for the question of who is the administrator of a federally held parcel of land. It was created as a national reference theme for use with the GeoCommunicator's Land Manager Viewer: ( This layer is a dynamic assembly of spatial data layers maintained at various federal and local governme This "Surface...
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