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Pat Deibert, Jim Lindstrom, Jodie Delevan, Steve Abele, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Superseded by the GRSG 2015 USFWS Status Review Base Data Population dataset. This layer produced through collaborative work done by the 2012 Sage-Grouse Conservation Objectives Team (COT). The COT consisted of State and FWS representatives tasked with developing conservation objectives by defining the degree to which the threats to Sage-Grouse need to be ameliorated to conserve the Sage-Grouse so that it is no longer in danger of extinction or likely to become in danger of extinction. This data layer represents Sage-Grouse populations as defined by the COT. Population polygons provide a general identification of important areas for Sage-Grouse across its range. The population polygons originated from the Schroder,...
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