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National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration

The Alaska Coastal Rainforest Center (ACRC) held a symposium titled “Coastal Temperate Rainforests: Integrating Science, Resource Management, and Communities” on April 17‐19, 2012, in Juneau, Alaska. The three day event included an all‐day field trip to Berner’s Bay (north of Juneau), an international plenary, three concurrent sessions, two lunch‐time keynote speakers, an evening open public reception, an evening science social, and an evening banquet.The list of speakers may be found in the attached program, or at To highlight a few of the keynotes speakers, Dr. Peter Kareiva (The Nature Conservancy) spoke at the opening public reception and the banquet, Dr. Kirk Johnson (Denver Museum of...
Regional assessments of the impacts of climate change on both human systems and the natural environment require high-resolution projections to see the effects of global-scale change on the local environment. This project sought to address a critical and generally overlooked assumption inherent to these projections of regional, multi-decadal climate change: that the statistical relationship between global climate model simulation outputs and real, observed climate data remain constant over time. Utilizing a “perfect--‐model” experimental design and the output of two high-resolution global climate model simulations, this study evaluated and reported on the ability of three different methods to simulate current and...
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