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Mark C Belk

Threatened fishes of the world: Iotichthys phlegethontis Cope, 1874 (Cyprinidae), credited to Belk, Mark C, published in 2004. Published in Environmental Biology of Fishes, volume 71, on pages 378 - 378, in 2004.
Conservation biologists rely heavily on taxonomy to set the scope for biological monitoring and recovery planning of rare or threatened species. Yet, taxonomic boundaries are seldom evaluated as falsifiable hypotheses that can be statistically tested. Here, we examine species boundaries in leatherside chub (Teleostei, Cyprinidae), an imperiled desert fish native to the Bonneville Basin and upper Snake River drainages of western North America. Recent molecular data hint that this fish could be composed of two distinct taxa that are geographically separated into northern and southern species. To formally test this hypothesis, we evaluated leatherside chub using several different categories of species concepts, including...
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