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Joshua Bradley

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) researches Earth science to help address complex issues affecting society and the environment. In 2006, the USGS held the first Scientific Information Management Workshop to bring together staff from across the organization to discuss the data and information management issues affecting the integration and delivery of Earth science research and investigate the use of “communities of practice” as mechanisms to share expertise about these issues. Out of this effort emerged the Council for Data Integration, which was conceived as an official organizational function that would help guide data integration activities and formalize communities of practice into working groups; however,...
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The Database was built to enable data integration across sources, as well as to support program planning and observational network design. The Imiq Data Portal provides a snapshot of available hydroclimate data – a map-based view of where , what , and when data have been obtained. Users can submit a custom data query, specifying variable of interest, geographic bounds, and time step. Imiq will aggregate and export data records from multiple sources in a common format, with full metadata records that provide information about the source data.
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The Arctic LCC has developed a Project Tracking System(PTS) to electronically manage the metadata and data associated with projects. The PTS is used to track projects throughout all stages of development, from receipt of proposals through delivery of final products. The PTS allows staff to access and manage project data using a web browser and is developed and designed to operate on open source software. The Arctic LCC is making the open source code for the PTS available to anyone wishing to develop their own method of tracking projects.
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