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Gwich'in Land Use Planning Board,

The contents of this report include: an update on Board membership and staff; a description of the draft implementation strategy to the Plan; the Planning Board's priorities for 2004-2005; a review of land use permits and water licences issued, and an explanation of how an approved Plan has affected those acivities; a list of action items that are currently being addressed; recommendations for groups to consider in the next year; the Planning Board's work plan for 2003-2004, and; the audited financial statements for 2003-2004. ... All regulatory agencies have to ensure that all licensed, permitted, and othe authorized activities related to the use of land, water, and the deposit of waste conform with the Plan. The...
The Gwich'in Land Use Planning Board is pleased to present the Gwich'in Land Use Plan, Nành Geenjit Gwitr'it T'igwaa'in - Working for the Land. The Plan has been created to ensure it conforms with the Gwich'in Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement and the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act. This plan for the Gwich'in Settlement Area is the result of 20 years of regional land use planning. When the interim Land Use Planning Board began work in 1993, the previous 10 years of effort of the Mackenzie Delta Beaufort Sea Land Use Planning Commission were considered. It then took six years to carefully evaluate and incorporate the views of communities, regional organisations, industrial interests, and government departments...
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