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Gene R. Wilde

Declining participation in recreational angling is of great concern to fishery managers because fishing license sales are an important revenue source for protection of aquatic resources. This decline is frequently attributed, in part, to increased societal reliance on electronics. Internet use by anglers is increasing and fishery managers may use the Internet as a unique means to increase angler participation. We examined Internet search behavior using Google Insights for Search, a free online tool that summarizes Google searches from 2004 to 2011 to determine (1) trends in Internet search volume for general fishing related terms and (2) the relative usefulness of terms related to angler recruitment programs across...
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Potamodromous migrations, those that occur entirely in fresh waters, are made by a variety of minnows (Family Cyprinidae) in, and between, freshwater habitats around the world. These migrations most commonly are undertaken for purposes of breeding, feeding, or occupying specific habitats or refugia. There is a growing body of evidence that potamodromous migrations are undertaken by a number of cyprinids native to larger streams and rivers of the Great Plains region of central USA. Cross et al. (1985) observed that populations of Arkansas River shiner disappeared from large tributaries to the Arkansas River, in Kansas, as a result of dam construction and water withdrawal. They speculated that populations in these...
A total of 7724 fish were VIE tagged during this study, among these were 1505 Arkansas River Shiner, 5462 Plains Minnow, 757 were Peppered Chub. A total of 129 fish were recaptured after tagging and release. Twenty-one Arkansas River Shiner were recaptured at distances of 13.3- to 213.6-km upstream from the release site. Across all recaptures, including those from an earlier 2009-2010 study, the average rate of movement by Arkansas River Shiner, over a one-year period, is estimated to 0.42 km d-1 . Forty-four Plains Minnow were recaptured in this study. Twenty-eight of these were recaptured at the release site and 16 were captured 13.3- to 213.6-km upstream from the release site. Across all recaptures, the average...
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